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The Debut – March 25, 2017

Today is the day, it’s been two plus years in the making and I’m finally ready to kick off my new business venture.  Have you ever had an idea and months later see your idea mainstream somewhere? This has happen to me way too many times.  So when this idea came to me, I was determined to see this one through. It was not an easy journey, I ran into obstacle after obstacle, but now that it’s here, I’m very excited and a little afraid at the same time.

Although the site has been through many beta tests, I worry there may be issues I can’t handle. What if the concept is too hard for people to grasp? On the other side of the spectrum, what if it’s a huge success and I’m not ready for it? My worries go on and on, but those who know me, know that being afraid of the unknown has never held me back before. In fact it’s what excites me. So here it is, I’m jumping all in, feet first of course!

So what is this new business venture of mine? It’s called Tagged by an Angel™ and the concept is Angel Tagging. If I had to compare it to something I would say it similar to “Where’s George” but with a personal twist. It starts with purchasing an Angel token with a unique serial number, which is linked to its own community / blog page. You’ll be able personalize this community page with pictures, videos, website links etc. and of course the special message you want to share. This message could be anything from a WISH being sent out to the universe, a message to help bring attention to a special CAUSE or perhaps a message honoring a LOVE ONE, the ideas are endless. The fun part starts when you send your Angel Token out into the world and watch the journey and  all those who have come in contact with it, in another word been TAGGED by your angel.

So there you have it, my business debut, like life itself, full of excitements, fears and uncertainties. But at least this time I followed through with an idea and made it reality. It’s a great feeling regardless of the outcome!

Love & Peace



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