What is “Angel Tagging”?

It is a fun way of a sending special message to someone or an inspirational message to the world, using the unique serial number located on the back side of an Angel Token.

It starts with the Angel Token, then customizing your very own Angel Token Community page. You must be the “owner” of the token to  Request a Token Page. Once this is verified, you will receive an email notification with the link to your Angel Token Page as well as instructions on how to edit, manage and maintain your page. All pages include a map to track the present whereabouts of your token, a message board and any text, images or videos you wish to share on your page. Your token page is an invitation only page, accessible only by those who finds the associated  Angel Token and sign up as a member of your page.

Now the fun starts by passing the token on. “Passing the token on” could be physically handing it to someone or leaving it in a random location to be discovered. The exciting and fun part is tracking the Angel Token’s location and all those who have been “Tagged” by it.

Join the movement and help spread the good stuff!