I found an angel token, what do I do now?

If want to see what the message associated with this token and track its journey your will need to register as member of the website. If you don’t want to participate, just leave the token somewhere for someone else to discover.

If you do choose to participle, each token has its own community pages and is restricted to members only. You must request to join each token page individually. To do this simply go to the Tagged by an Angel Home Page click on the “Track an Angel Token” button and enter the serial number that is etched on the back side of the token. If you are already logged into the website your will be prompt to input an “invite code” this will be the same number as the serial number. Click the “Continue” button, then just follow the simple directions.

I requested an Angel token page, why does it take so long to get my page?

At this point this process in not automated, we have to manually verify the serial number and registration credentials and manually assign the authorship of the page to you. We do this in order of receipt. So depending on the number of request in quo will determine how quickly your request will be processed.

How do I set up my Angel Token page?

After you requested your page, you will receive an email notification with the link to your Angel Token Page. Please keep this email for future reference.  Included in this email will be instruction on how to update the page with your angel message, upload pictures or videos.  You may also review the video tutorials located on this website under FQA.

Should I enter the letters of the serial number in UPPER or lower case or with spaces?

It does not matter. The system will convert them correctly.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we do, it is located on the home page of our website. Your personal information is safe at Tagged by an Angel, as we will never sell or disclose your email address or personal information to anyone.

How do I unsubscribe from Tagged by an Angel and have my account removed from the website?

Please visit the Contact page and complete the form and request to be unsubscribed. NOTE: Include your user name and password in the comment section in order for us to remove your account. Requests submitted without this info will be ignored. Once removed, all memberships on your account will become unregistered and will not be able to be reclaimed. Once you are removed from the system, you are TOTALLY removed and all records associated with your account are deleted.

Can I cancel a membership to an individual Angel Token Community page?

Yes! Just go to Contact on home page, click on Account, Select, My Membership and cancel the appropriate membership.

Can I change the settings, email address, or password I used to register, without losing access to my memberships?

Yes! Just go My Account on the home page, and then select Account Details and edit accordingly.

Please, DO NOT RE-REGISTER if you lost your password. Simply go to the LOGON page to reclaim it or click here Password Recovery.