Membership Guidelines

In-order to provide an open and safe environment for people around the world to share their inspirational message and bring awareness to issues that are important to them, Tagged by an Angel™ (TBAA) has created a set of guidelines which must be agreed to prior to participating in our membership community.

Our Membership Guidelines aim to find the right balance between giving people a place to express themselves and promoting a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. It is our objective to promote positive compassionate dialoged between people of all ages and lifestyles. It is important to remember that ANYONE, can come in possession with an Angel Token. For this reason we ask that you to keep your message and communications Rated G. It is also possible some people may not share your same interest or opinion, or may share content that can be abusive or harmful to the rest of the community. For this reason, we created a set of Membership Guidelines, to explain what kinds of things should NOT be shared on TBAA.

Safety First

We remove content, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety. We carefully review all reports of threatening language, we will remove credible threats of physical harm to individuals or the public. We DO NOT allow the following on TBAA:

  • Direct Threats to Individuals or Public Figures
  • Bullying or Harassment
  • Promotion of Self-Injury
  • Support of Dangerous Organizations or Criminal Activity
  • Sexual Violence and Exploitation

Respectful Behavior

People use TBAA to share and raise awareness about issues that are important to them. This means that you may encounter opinions that are different from yours. We believe this can lead to healthy communications about difficult subjects and help individuals see the world through the diverse eyes of others.  To help balance the need for safety and the interests of our community, we may remove certain types of sensitive material. Material NOT ALLOWED on TBAA is:

  • Nudity
  • Hate Speech
  • Graphic Content of Violence
  • Items that Violate Intellectual Property Laws

Reporting Abuse

Our community is expanding every day and we strive to welcome people to an environment free from abusive content. In order to do this, we rely on people like you. If you see something on TBAA that you believe violates our terms, please report it to us.