Our Story

When someone loses both parents within 3 years, to horrible illnesses, you start to ask those difficult questions about life. For me, I turned to meditation for answers; it was my form of prayer, a way of getting in touch with my spiritual side. During meditation I received some profound messages. I wrote them down and started to act on them. Although very basic in nature, it was these messages that gave me the little push I needed during this time of grief. The messages were:

  • Even when things seem overwhelming, take action everyday towards your goals, regardless of how small the action is.
  • Be responsible for yourself, don’t blame others for your situation.
  • Be truthful to yourself and those you love.
  • You can do great things, you can make a difference.

During one morning mediating I received the message, “Calm down and relax”. I was taken back a little by this message, “Really, calm down and relax, like I had time to do that”. But with my new outlook and approach to life, I listen to that little voice within.  I did exactly that, I sat on my Mexican blanket and forced myself to stay there a little longer before darting off to work. While staring down at me feet, trying to maintain a sense of calmness, trying not to think about the workday ahead, this wonderful idea came to me. The idea was Angel Tagging.

It took quieting my mind and being present in the moment that opened my heart to the possibilities. I’m not sure who was guiding me through this period of my life, perhaps it was my parents, still coaching me from the world beyond, maybe it was my angels. I don’t know. What I do know, is that we all receive help from the spirit world in some form or another. We just need to slow down, open our hearts and listen; you will be amazed at what they have to share with us….

I look forward to you joining me in this journey, Inspiring humankindness….

Love & Peace



Dan and Gertrude Little

Dan and Gertrude Little